As senior designer for Donald Deskey Association in NYC, Art Donovan was deeply influenced by his conversations with Deskey about the Golden Age of Art Deco and the visual foundations of what was to become known as Mid-Century Modern, a major influence on the 1939 New York World's Fair as Deskey himself created graphic design for the historic event.

"1939" /The Future Arrives.
Reminiscent of an architectural model, this contemporary illuminated design from Donovan's new handmade, sculptural collection is, of course, inspired by the iconic World's Fair 'Trylon and Perisphere'. Translated here with new, graphically sculptural additions into a thoroughly unique, illuminated work. "Saturn" glows from the bulb light itself and is complimented by precise rings that are hand painted on razor-thin Lucite. The curved, hexagonal "Sail" is pierced at the top of the Trylon and it eludes to the Kinetic, futuristic sweep of an aeronautical wing. The geometric planes on the bottom left are an Art Deco element and render a perfectly natural extension of the original architecture itself. "1939/ The Future Arrives" is hand finished in "Raw Titanium"-Donovan's proprietary color and technique, in addition to all polished nickel details. The horizontal arm with the Saturn globe violates the Trylon with a spherical echo on the opposite side. (Please note the mathematical progression in size of the three spherical shapes.)
The sculpture stands on a clear Lucite deck which is a perfect 55 degree ellipse.
No other shape could compliment as well. Maple. Bronze, brass and glass. handcrafted from raw materials. A work that strives to inspire. A reminder of a time filled with promise soon to be re-ignited by the mutual collaborations of art, contemporary science and astronomical achievements.