James Webb Space Telecope. Pendant Lamp

For design inspiration, I used the "James Webb Space Telescope" (lifting off in 2018). The shape of the telescope's, layered sun shields and it's 18 hexagonal mirrors were translated here into a slim, rectangular body with corner lights and an illuminated central disk.

The body of the lamp is finished in hand-rubbed graphite and has a subtle metallic sheen in dark neutral gray. The fins are matte black and the details are hand polished brass.

The Central control Panel features a "Magic Eye" illuminated by hidden ultra violet bulbs. The 'Magic Eye' was a visual tuning device used in RCA radios built in the 1930's. Vintage rotary dimmer knobs and toggle switches with indicator bulbs create fully adjustable lighting for all 12 interior bulbs- with the added bonus of being fun to operate and with a great tactile sensation. The hidden LED Up-Lights wash the ceiling with bright, diffused ambient room light. The Central Disk creates a diffused down light and the Corner Spot Lights create bright task illumination. All bulbs may be operated independently.