The Grand Master. Steampunk Pendant Device

Featured sculpture at the National Watch and Clock Museum, Lancaster, Pa.

A commissioned work and my most complex piece to date.

The Grand Master is 6' tall x 4' wide with a double-sided center disk. Over three months to design, build and paint. Over sized, hand machined brass bolts. Solid Mahogany body. A Moon Phase clock in center with back lit, hand painted moon icons.

The two clockworks (with sweep second hands) on the right are calibrated in special increments:
(Top/Right) The time it takes the light from the Moon to reach the earth in seconds. Avg. 1.25 seconds.

(Bottom/Right) The time it takes the light from the Sun to reach the earth in minutes. Avg. 8.3 minutes

The swinging brass pendulum is back lit with a U.V. bulb. There are 5-48" dia. brass rings surrounding the disk.

The hand painted moon (reverse side) is rendered in translucent dyes, acrylic medium and plaster on fiberglass and hand-carved for greater translucency of the craters. The coloration was inspired by a digitally enhanced NASA image.

Twin 41" diameter convex lenses cover both the front and back faces. The gimbal and round bezel are painted in zinc gray. The top unit is finished in matte black with the amber-tinted glass slabs being inspired by 'HAL' in '2001 A Space Odyssey'.

Designed and entirely hand made by Art Donovan for Donovan Design, Southampton, NY.
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